Inquiry of a charter bus
To a plan of a trip,I estimate it.
I input it into the following forms, and please click "the transmission of a message". It is transmitted a message in an email form.
I answer within 3 business days
. because an error of the email transmission of a message is thought about by any chance when an answer does not arrive,
please refer some other time.

Schedule yearThe moonFrom day
yearThe moonTo day
The number of people An adult@Child
A vehicle A full-size vehicle@A medium-sized car@A compact car
Bus guideNeed@Needless
Departure Place
I ask for the building name, a station name concretely.
The way ground / a destination
About lodging A visitor arranges accommodations
I ask it for arrangement of lodging
@@@@Hope of accommodations
An other budget Yen
In addition, it is a demand

A company / group name
The person in charge name
The address/location

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A sightseeing tour, pickup, a wedding ceremony, school events, meeting participation etc
It does not affect the number of the number of people,I cope with every demand!
Please talk Please talk willingly

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